AEG Powertools

Battery Believers

the brief

AEG Powertools launched a new range of professional outdoor power equipment.  They faced two major hurdles, with the first being brand awareness as new entrants to an established market segment. The second being the preconceptions toward battery-powered tools. Tradies almost exclusively use petrol power, as they do not believe that battery power can match it with petrol.

Our task was to convert a nation of rusted on petrol heads to believe in a battery made by a brand they were unfamiliar with.

the idea

To put the product into the hands of tradies, we slapped a fake fuel tank on our battery powered chainsaw and set up a bogus product demonstration outside a garden supplies store.

Tradies then came through and tested our ‘prototype petrol chainsaw’, called the BEL1 E.V.E. Immediately, any preconceptions about the brand, and battery power, were dispensed with. They marvelled at the low vibration, lack of fumes, quiet operation and push button start as impressive advances in petrol power. Then, we removed the fuel tank to reveal a battery. Their genuine reactions are what sold the product.