Real Team


Peter Barlow


A wise old ad man once told me that in advertising, 'Perception is Reality'. And up until recently I agreed with him, as it seemed people's perceptions influenced their purchases. Now I’m not so sure. The Internet, as much as we would like to control it, is firmly in the hands of its users – the people who are putting reality back into advertising.

I’m a mad Collingwood supporter and a strong believer that ‘Content is King’, which drives my passion for technology, photography and the web. But most importantly I’m a dad and husband who exists solely for his family.

Real is (see last sentence).

Elaine Chiew

Finance Director

After squandering my Uni years locked in away in the library, I’ve dedicated myself to making up for lost time. As a result my friends will tell you I love good wine, good food and if I have time…my two beautiful kids.

My time at Fenton Stephen’s culminates 28 years of financial service in Australia and I look forward to many more.

Real is the knowledge that 1+1 will always equal 2.

(Unless you have an assumption that the numbers are binary and therefore 01+01=10)

Alex Fenton

Creative Director

Perth. Melbourne. Chicago. Sydney. London. Having garnered more than two decades of experience around the world, the time came to create an agency on the principle that great brands are built via great campaigns, not through one-off ads. The added incentive of working directly with clients in a truly interdependent relationship was one of the prime motivating factors for setting up the company.

Real is the potential each new day brings.

Mat Garbutt

Senior Copywriter

I’m a writer and have been for a long time. I like words and fiddling around to see the most pleasing way of stringing them together. I have three children which means I have no time for any outside interests (although I am trying to slowly drive my wife insane by practicing guitar while she watches TV).

Real is an anagram of “Earl”.

Nyto Lay

Head of Art

Real is putting things in perspective.

Stephen Lay

Head of Online Design

From my IBM-286 to my beloved iPad, I have always been a geek @ heart. But it wasn’t until I graduated with a Bachelor of Design and Multimedia Systems @ RMIT that I was able to harness my inner geek for good. After experiencing life in various digital/advertising agencies, I came upon Fenton Stephens, where I feel my passion for digital solutions are encouraged and my skills challenged. I am also a triple Australian and French Open winner of the Online Table Tennis Championship.

Real is to always connect with what’s important to you.

Stanley Lim

Online Designer

Before starting at FS, I completed an Advanced Diploma of Multimedia Design at Chisholm Institute, which developed into a Bachelor of Design in Multimedia at Swinburne. The years of hard work paid off when my team and I won the ‘Premier’s Design Award’ and ‘Premier’s Recognition Award’ in our final year. I briefly commenced my Honours Degree before being selected by Fenton Stephens in the 2010 draft.

When I’m not hanging with politicians I play basketball, I'm a singer-songwriter, and love to experiment with photography.

Real is personal. Real is unexplainable. But when it’s exists, you know it is indeed, REAL.

Aaron Tyler

Art Director

Hello my name is Aaron. I like to collect bugs. I like to draw vampires. I like to eat pizza. Alex is my friend.

Real is waking up in the morning and not knowing what is going to happen before you hit the sheets again.

Jess Wheeler


Much of my youth was spent pushing boundaries and limitations, whether it be a teacher’s patience, my skills in becoming a state hockey champion, the durability of a snow or skateboard or my rhyme spitting abilities on the mic, there were few moments of contentment with the status quo.

After my landlord rejected an attempt to pay rent with ‘love’ and ‘exposure’, the standard form of payment in the music industry, I decided to stop writing raps and write ads instead.

I was accepted into AWARD School on my first application, and soon experienced the first instance of a professional environment where I was not told to ‘stop being a smartass’.

I had found home.

Keeping it real is holding down your corner when slangin’ that rock.

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