Real results


At Fenton Stephens we truly believe that your results are our results.  So much so that we have created a tool for tracking results in every facet of a marketing campaign, a campaign watchdog if you like. And that’s exactly what we’ve named our tool. Watchdog®.

Watchdog tracks all the important metrics of a marketing campaign. Watchdog creates performance charts for every aspect of a marketing strategy. From customer satisfaction to blog loyalty, to search, across all media channels, including social. All displayed in a handy and accessible dashboard format.

Watchdog can spot a downward trend early, isolate it, and act to correct or adapt material in order to optimise campaign performance. 

Similarly, watchdog can highlight a positive trend which can then be built upon and expanded across other media and campaigns.

The benefits are constant. The benefits are ongoing. Watchdog is on duty, 24/7.Watchdog is about protecting campaign results in real time.

Every campaign needs a Watchdog®.

Tom Waterhouse Autumn Campaign

Every week we measure the performance of all of the campaigns and fine tune each individual campaign.  This allows us to continually improve the overall performance.