Real from day one


Alex and Roger, having known each other for some ten years, and acknowledging their respective roles within the advertising industry, hit upon the idea of forging a partnership and starting their own agency.

Roger knew a thing or two about trucks and had a passion for customer relationship marketing, having run his own agency for some twenty years. Alex had a world-travelled bag of brand experience from a host of multi-national agencies and was keen to forge a more direct and collaborative relationship with clients.

In 2005, they made the vision real. Fenton Stephens opened its doors in a small South Melbourne cottage with two foundation clients: a truck brand and a boxing-inspired sports apparel brand.

Fenton Stephens had two very real clients, a clear agenda for what we had to offer the market and a real determination to make it work.

Only after forming the business, did Roger and Alex come to realise that they were both the sons of bakers, with a shared resolve to get up early, roll up the sleeves and get done whatever needed to be done.

Fenton Stephens, from day one, was always going to be real.