Keep it REAL


There's a certain way we do things around here. It is tangible and real. It's germane to what makes this place work. It's about how we relate to one another, how we deal with our clients, how we deal with suppliers
It's our culture; we do our daily best to uphold it and we defend it rigorously.

For any new Fenton Stephens staff, we invite them to share an introduction to our culture in the form of our bible:

'In real we trust.'

It highlights who our clients are, our commitment to staff development, our working processes and methodology, our proprietary tools, it even tells you how to operate the coffee machine and where we get the best bacon and egg rolls for morning meetings.

Then there’s some cool stuff like how we invite every staff member to nominate one winter day that they can take as a free vacation day- we call it a Doona Day. The same thing is offered in Summer and is called a Sun Day. We also insist staff enjoy their birthday by having a late breakfast and not coming to the office before 11am.