Online Strategy


The Fenton Stephens approach to
Online Strategy is very focused on delivering results for our clients. A key aspect of this approach is making decisions based on data rather than just the latest shiny object along the path.

Step 1:
Align Brand Strategy with Online Strategy

This may sound obvious, but many skip this step.  We ensure that we meet with all key stakeholders to ensure that our activities online are focused on delivering the objectives of the overall brand strategy.

Step 2:
Analyse Existing Data

This is another step which is often skipped.  Our experts in online data analysis can draw great insights from the existing data within your existing data collection areas.  We can easily figure out what types of traffic are the most profitable, what types of content users find most engaging, and most importantly, why were your visitors coming to your website in the first place.

By understanding How people get to your website, What they do on the website, and Why they were coming in the first place we learn a great deal about what the future Online Strategy should be for your brand.

Step 3:
Develop the Online Strategy

Now that the analysis has been performed we are now in a place where we can effectively set the strategy moving forward. The key components to a successful Online Strategy are:

  • Acquisition: SEO, SEM, Display, Social, YouTube
  • Engagement: Content, Website Analytics, Competitions, Social
  • Retention: eDM, CRM, Downstream Advertising

Our experienced team of online marketers have developed and implemented strategies across all of these areas for many leading brands and organisations in Australia.

Step 4:
Evolve the Online Strategy

The web changes very fast and an agile Online Strategy is a must.  We have developed a proprietary tool called Watchdog which allows us, and you, to continually monitor the performance of all of the moving parts in the Online Strategy.  

  • How is social performing this week?  
  • What about SEM?  
  • What about the blog?  

These questions and more are answered on a daily basis to ensure that we keep you one step ahead of your competitors. Marketing managers & senior management need to constantly have a finger on the pulse and our approach to online strategy ensures that we are always driving results.