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  • Networks Need To Get In Tune With Viewers

    Mar 24, 2014 | Written by Simon Antonis

    Well footy season is upon us again (thank god) and of course every fan has rationalised why 2014 is going to be the year for their team. Changes to their playing list, coaches, facilities, fitness levels, etc, etc. All these changes which will make their team better.

    But one thing hasn’t changed for the better for football fans over the summer. And that is they will still have to watch the majority (including every game of the Seven network) in Standard Definition, rather than the beautiful, and very available High Definition.


    It’s a great question. One the Seven network has refused to answer in any comprehensible way in the face of ongoing pressure in social media. The short answer can only be…they are trying to save a quid. They have bought the rights for 5 years, and clearly their contract does not specify the requirement to broadcast in HD.

    But I ask the question, does this make it right?

    Things change quickly in this industry, and it is always driven by changing consumer preferences. And in this instance, consumers have decided that watching their beloved national game in SD is no longer good enough. Particularly given we can watch sporting events from around the globe (Gridiron, Lingerie Football, fucking darts!) in HD…but not an event that is taking place 10 kilometres up the road.

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    24.03 2014
  • How not to do SMS marketing

    Aug 15, 2013 | Written by Joey Dorrington

    bad sms marketingSomething very frustrating happened to me the other day - I was the recipiant of some SMS spam.  Now email spam I can handle - I just write a rule and Outlook automatically takes care of it, but SMS spam, this is really intrusive.

    Now, the most frustrating part is the fact that I have never purchased anything from Lowes so they couldn't possibly have my details legitimatly, so they have simply bought a phone number list off a dodgy character and started to use it for their own marketing purposes.

    I tried to get myself removed from the list with the simple opt out command 'N' but alas this did not work.

    So anyway, it gives me some interesting fodder for a blog post - so here are the tips for digital marketers when doing SMS marketing.

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    15.08 2013
  • 10 tips to create engagement on LinkedIn for your business

    Jul 23, 2013 | Written by Joey Dorrington

    LinkedIn can be a fantastic channel for businesses to advertise their services to other busineses.  A much under utilised section is the company posts section, and with the wealth of new data available on posts on LinkedIn, now might be the time for you to sharen your pencils and start doing some targeted company posts and start measuing the results!

    So, I thought I would pull together some tips from experts around the world on best practice LinkedIn posting.

    LinkedIn Analytics

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    23.07 2013
  • Alex Stitt

    Jun 26, 2013 | Written by Aaron Tyler


    There exist few illustrators who have contributed in the fabric of Australian vernacular more than Alex Stitt. The Melbourne-based illustrator responsible for the iconic characters such as ‘Norm’ the couch potato (Life. Be in it Campaign) or 'Sid' the sun-smart seagull of the Cancer Council of Victoria's well-known Slip, Slop, Slap Campaign.

    Stitt's creative genius lay in his ability to distil a serious public health issue, into a simple visual idea, and then presenting animations in an engaging and approachable way. The characters resonated with the public of the time because they represented normal Australians and remain highly recognisable today.

    Here are a few TV Spots:

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    26.06 2013
  • The Watts Works - An interview with David Watts about his 3D scanning studio in Shinjuku,Tokyo

    Jun 14, 2013 | Written by Aaron Tyler

    I was on facebook the other week and an old friend had uploaded a picture of herself as a realistic digital character, shot from every angle. After enquiring, she put me in contact with David Watts from Tokyo, the guy behind an interesting process that scans your entire body and converts it into a 3D model.
    Basically, David has gathered heaps of SLR cameras and rigged them up so they simultaneously take a photo of you from every angle. Once the shot is taken, they are pieced together on a computer and you have a 3D portrait of yourself to view online or get 3D printed. The level of detail is incredible to say the least.

    I contacted David and asked him a few questions about the scanner he built.

    In a nutshell, describe the process in simple language.

    ‘We take 70 overlapping photos of you in the same instant. If two cameras can see a birthmark or some pattern we know where it is relative to the two cameras. Multiply that by 70 cameras and we can know a lot about the whole surface of you.’

    What are your backgrounds and interests?

    ‘I studied Video/3D Animation and kept crashing my computer and then I studied Computer Science to better understand why. Since then I've done a bit of design—antler chandeliers and a couple of wallets and a tiny bit of 3D graphics programming. I want to do more of the latter, hence the 3D scanning business.’

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    14.06 2013