6 Real Reasons Why You'll Like Working Here


Whichever way you look at it,
we’re about real growth.

If, as a business, you’re not growing then you’re stagnating (at best!).

And chances are, other agencies are growing when you’re not. As a business then, you’re effectively dying!

If you agree with this logic, then two things follow:

  1. If as an individual you are not growing, you too are dying. People who are dead are not good for business
  2. If we were made up of a group of vibrant people who were individually growing some, then we’d be one awesome business.

That’s what we mean by being real about growth.

Sun Days, Doona Days
and Birthdays.

At Fenton Stephens we don’t pay overtime yet we expect that people will stay back and pitch in when it’s needed.

As a way of acknowledging this we provide for 2extra days in your personal calendar. In winter a Doona Day and in summer a Sun Day. You’ll know or work out what to do with them.

And on your Birthday, we want you to sleep in some, have breakfast or coffee with someone you love. Whatever, we don’t want to see you until 11.00am on your Birthday.

We’ll have a
real chat twice a year.

On every anniversary of your start date at Fenton Stephens we’ll sit down and have a structured chat about how Fenton Stephens is going, how you’re going, where you might want to go, what’s good and what’s bad about the business and how that might affect you.We’ll reference your salary against The Communications Council annual Salary Survey and we’ll discuss almost anything else.

At the 6 month interval, we’ll have the same sort of chat but a bit less structured.

It’s our way of ensuring we keep in touch with you, where you are and where you want to be. And you with Fenton Stephens.

After hours, beer wine
and pizzas are free.

Guys notice the one who goes missing when it’s really his turn to shout. Girls notice the one who calls least. In a working environment everyone knows who putting in and who is riding the performance of others. We don’t have such people at Fenton Stephens.

Which is why, if anyone decides that they need to work after hours, they are given equal authority to order dinner and drink a beer or wine on the company.

We don’t keep suppliers
waiting in the foyer.

How does it go? If you sleep with dogs, sooner or later you’ll wake up with fleas!

If you want to be the best – as we do - it is an absolute must that you surround yourself with the best associates and suppliers to the industry. It follows then, that if you identify and select such organisations, you must have high respect for them and their work.

Then we treat them with a great sense of mutuality accordingly.

We do what
we say we will do.

It’s a rather simple and so easily made statement. Yet one so difficult to work by!

We do what we say we will do.

What does it say about how we operate; not only in the workplace but how we live our lives? It says that before we make an agreement we consider our capacity to complete the ‘promise’ and then based on that consideration, we agree or renegotiate the agreement.

We then do what we said we would do.