Changes to Google Local

Changes to Google Local

Jan 04, 2011 | Written by Joey Dorrington

Over the past few weeks I have noticed Google playing around more with the way it presents the results for location modified searches.  Below is an image (you will need to click it to view it in full screen) of 2 Google local searches, both performed on the same browser on the same day.


The left image is the traditional way of displaying Google Local Search Results.  I like this display as the 7 pack of results along with the top ad results still leave enough room for the top 3 organic results.

The right image is the new way of displaying Google Local Search Results.  As you can see the place pages are not grouped together as they used to be and the organic results are mixed in.  I’m not how this works for normal users (i.e. non SEO’s) but this annoys me to no end.

I have worked hard over recent months to perfect Google Local Optimisations and feel that this new change is devaluing the work a bit.

What do you think about the changes to the Google Local Search Results?

04.01 2011
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