April 2012

One click conversions - First or Last Interaction in Google Analytics

Apr 11, 2012 | Written by Joey Dorrington

Multi touch attribution is critical in this day and age with some much cross chanel marketing. Multi touch attribution is the process of allocating 'credit' for a website conversion between the many touch points online; social media, SEO, SEM, display, referrals, eDM etc. When you understand how a channel contributes to the overall conversion be it a sale or an enquiry you will have a much better picture of your Online Strategy than by simply looking at the last click.  And heaven fobid, if you don't even track conversions / sales on the website you are in massive trouble.

Depending on the client and their typical conversion pathway I tend to use the following attribution model;

  • First Click = 28%
  • Assist Clicks = 14%
  • Last Click = 58%

This balances the top end of the conversion funnel with the channels / keywords which do the actual conversion of sales or leads.

This brings me to the topic of todays post - is a conversion that happens in one visit a first click attribution, or a last click attribution?  or both?  This would obviously impact your attribution models as if it was both then you would be doing a great deal of double counting and all of your models would be skewed.

First click or Last click attribution

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11.04 2012

You Got to Have Fun...

Apr 16, 2012 | Written by Stan Lim

A recent visit to the annual AdTech Conference at The Hilton, re-enforced a key and fundamental point in great ideas, design and innovation. On the day, I had the pleasure of two interesting speakers but the one that stood out for me was the creative lead at Google, Tom Uglow.

In a way, this blog article follows on from my previous write-up: “At The Computer or Away From The Computer?” Tom emphasised in his presentation that a lot of the great ideas comes from: Playing, Experimenting and Having Fun, which leads to innovation. At the Google labs, it is quite the norm to see guys playing in one corner. While some may ask such questions: “What on Earth are those guys doing?” and “Why are they wasting time?”; I have come to complete agreement that innovation and great ideas can and do come from “FUN”. This is where the spontaneous and original ideas come from.

Me having fun...

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16.04 2012