February 2012

3D printing and Lego houses

Feb 06, 2012 | Written by Aaron Tyler

I recently watched the latest post-death documentary on Steve Jobs. The early days of the first Apple computers and its origins in a Californan garage got me thinking about another company that operates in New York called MakerBot Industries.
Makerbot Industries are the first company to successfully develop and manufacture ‘personal’ 3d printers. Up until recently 3d printers have been expensive and out of reach of the general public, similar to the days before Jobs and Apple.
How 3d printer works.
3D printed flute:

The Makerbot's design essentially puts the manufacturing process into the hands of the consumer. Imagine a whole factory worth of tooling and fabricating condensed into a foot cubed. Users could effectively design an object on a computer, print it on a MB and use it all in the same day.

MakerBot in action:

The reflections of the people in the Jobs documentary expressed his true vision for making the world a better place. A tool like the MakerBot has the potential to do the same. Third-world communities without the infrastructure required to manufacture building materials and construct sustainable houses could use the machine to significantly improve their living conditions.

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