November 2011

Ad Agencies Give Back to the Homeless

Nov 08, 2011 | Written by


It all started off as one of those good ideas that came to life in a Pub. Back in 2004 Kelly Addis – CEO of Melbourne’s Boiler Room Agency - organised a few Creative Directors to donate a few paintings and an auction would take place at The Cherry Tree Hotel in Richmond, with all proceeds going to the Lighthouse Foundation. Commenting on that inaugural event, Kelly added:  “Let’s face it, as an industry, we can sometimes be seen as one that creates amongst much good – sometimes vulgar expressions of capitalism. I thought it would be good to give something back to society and what would be better than to give to those unfortunate kids, who for all sorts of reasons and accidents of circumstance find themselves without a home. “

It’s now the 3rd year Roger Stephens and Alex Fenton have partnered with the Lighthouse Foundation to put on the Annual Lighthouse Art Auction.  Some of the biggest names in the advertising industry and some of the most exciting names in the art world came to the Art Auction in September to raise more than $50,000 to help end youth homelessness in Australia.

The 8th Annual Lighthouse Art Auction was held at Guy Abrahams Gallery in Richmond, the gallery was bursting with artwork donations from well known artists such as Matt Martino and some of our own talent D’Arcy Savage.  

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08.11 2011

Is NAB for REAL?

Nov 09, 2011 | Written by Simon Antonis


One thing our industry (marketing and communications) is often guilty of is being too close to our own work. We sometimes find it hard to have an objective view of how deeply a campaign has resonated with customers (which is all that matters in the end).  I can’t help but think this is the case with NAB and their recent rate move.

The ‘more give, less take’ promise by NAB to its customers was a bold move, but one that seemed to pay great dividends. It won a heap of awards, got people talking, and won NAB market share. You can imagine those in the NAB marketing department being pretty satisfied for having developed and executed a differentiated  strategy in a market where it is particularly difficult to do so, and characterised by ‘short-term’ shifts in strategic focus.  The campaign would have been 6-12 months in development, and has now been in the marketplace for a similar time.

I am sure customer research results were also very positive.

But what is difficult to measure is how ‘deeply’ a campaign has resonated with customers. It’s hard for people to tell you that, research can only uncover so much. Customers have been cynical of banks since day one.  There is a deep-seated view by most customers that banks are all the same.

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09.11 2011

Mobile Marketer Workshop @ #omxmel11

Nov 16, 2011 | Written by Stephen Lay

The Online Marketer Conference & Expo was on at the Hliton on the Park this week, which Joey & I attended the first day and Amy & James attending the other.  

The Opening Keynote was by Stefan Weitz of Bing.  He spoke about the lack of evolution in search engines, and how Bing is trying to redefine how search engines work.  Search engines currently act as a "search & find", but Bing is trying to move to a "search & do" mentality.  They believe that certain tasks should be able to be completed within the search results, rather than having users find a result, click to the site, and then try and find the information they are searching on another site.  Their goal is to complete tasks as efficiently as possible.

We then split into our streams, in which I attended the Mobile Marketing Workshop.  The lineup consisted of speakers from MobileNation, Reseo, 4th Screen Advertising, The Long Weekend, Burst SMS and Mobile Marketing Experts, presenting on topics that included Mobile Site Architecture, App Store SEO, Mobile Advertising, Web vs Native Apps, SMS Marketing and Mobile Campaign Planning.  

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16.11 2011

Purple Power to the People

Nov 18, 2011 | Written by Josh Collins

It was a muggy evening in Melbourne when the Purple Army fronted for the clash against ACDC Milan. While ACDC outclassed Real Madrague when they met last time, the Purple Army were confident that they could outdo their previous effort, and with a little extra pressure potentially take the chocolates in this blockbuster clash.

The game began with a depleted ACDC outfit playing a low-possession/low tempo style of football, in an attempt to negate the scoring opportunities of the Real Madrague outfit, but after Damo Starr put the first and second goals into the back of the net with ease, the purps rightfully took control of the game. With a goal to Disco and another 2 bursting monty’s from Damo Star, The Madrague lads went into half time with a 6 – 1 lead. Nice. Damo Star was completing his highest total yet with 5 whoppers, and the fans were going wild.

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18.11 2011

Trends: Authenticity and Truth.

Nov 18, 2011 | Written by Alex Fenton

Report highlighting some world advertising trends for the coming year, commissioned by EURO RSCG, has acknowledged a general advertising trend being that of ‘a craving for authenticity, transparency and truth’.

The report findings were picked up in my radar, given that we have positioned our business on a platform of ‘stay real’. It informs how we operate as an organisation, both internally in terms of the mutual respect amongst everyone working here and in how we collaborate with our clients. Honest, transparency and authenticity aren’t mere labels, you have to live it each and every day.

My observation though, is that rather than being a ‘trend’, this is actually a new world reality. Consumers now expect, or rather, demand authenticity from brands. Brands are either demonstrating this as their truth, or adapting their model to become relevant. Darwinian theory will sort out the new world order, and lazy marketers will face extinction.

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18.11 2011