October 2011

New agency signage

Oct 20, 2011 | Written by Stephen Lay

A rebranded Fenton Stephens, with new logo and positioning, called for new signage.  

Check out the video of the office signage being installed.

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20.10 2011

Real Madrague: The first victory.

Oct 07, 2011 | Written by Josh Collins

The Real Madrague squad was severely depleted before this match with discussion among management of a forfeit, however as the game drew closer a few extra numbers became available and by 6:40pm, the purple army took to the court with victory on their mind. While the purples had no spare men on the bench, there were no questions of anyone taking it easy on this game, as the opposition played hard from the start.

(This image is a symbolic representation of the actual team)

The game began with unbelievable pressure; the purples were not giving crown an inch, continually repelling any attacks made. Very early on Real Madrague put the scoreboard pressure on, and it was only a matter of time before the ageing opposition would let one through. The next play had to be seen to be believed…

As DAMO held the ball in defence, he slung it further back to COLLINS, who hot footed it right up the centre to SLIM who quickly took possession, before giving it the ol’ back heel flick onto a sprinting Slayer who popped into the back of the net. As the purps took a 1-0 lead, Crown were scratching their heads with frustration mounting. “Who are these blokes?” we could hear them asking…

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07.10 2011

Google Analytics Powered Up

Oct 21, 2011 | Written by Joey Dorrington

There have been quite a few changes to Google Analytics over the last couple of weeks and months so it really does look like Google is kicking Analytics up a notch.  With a bit customising, filtering, advanced segmenting, advanced reporting and some of these new tools you have an Analytics package that is the same, if not better than any other package out there.  

I'm going to take you through some of the new features which have been, or will shortly be released for Google Analytics

Multi-channel funnels

This is a feature which was only previously available in Adwords, but now makes its way across to Google Analytics.  Multi-channel funnels allow you to track the influence each channel has on all of the other channels - in regards to their effect on overall conversion.  This is amazing news for analysts and marketers.  Gone are the days of wondering if social media is bringing in any conversions.  Now, if someone is engaged with you in social media, then signs up for a newsletter, reads a few eDMs and then does a Google search and ultimately converts each of these touch points gets some credit for the conversion.

There are many different models that we use to set the correct attribution model, but needless to say, w have a much better insight into what is really effecting conversions on the website.


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21.10 2011