August 2011

Brands missing the conversation

Aug 19, 2011 | Written by Joey Dorrington

We found some interesting research this week about how brands in Australia are embracing (or failing to embrace) the changing face of Social Media.  The survey found some interesting stats including;

  • Social media penetrationOnly 14% of small to medium businesses have a presence in social media
  • Social media spending has increased from 0% of the marketing budget to around 5% in only 3 years
  • 60% of Medium and Large Companies expect to spend more on Social Media next year
  • 98% of businesses involved in social media activities expect to increase sales because of their efforts

Very interesting statistics showing that large businesses are quickly embracing Social Media, but small and medium sized businesses are lagging behind.

One of the most critical aspects of a good social media strategy is the listening strategy.  It is critical that you, as a brand, know what your customers and potential customers are saying about you.  Research completed by Alterian found some interesting stats about how little most companies are actually listening to their customers online.  Some of the stats include;

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19.08 2011

Hot August Night Blunder

Aug 12, 2011 | Written by

This year the advertising agency 'Hot August Night' is at Roger's farm in Mansfield. Each year all staff get toegther for a team-bonding night/weekend - this year we're chilling in front of the fire with dips and cheese and heading up to Buller for a day of skiing and boarding! The director's had their strategy planning meeting up there yesterday morning, followed by dinner at the Merrijig pub.  

Post pub -  the boys were driving home on the dirt road and the road collapsed underneath Steve's car!!! There was water softening the dirt which gave way underneath them and they hurled down into the trecherous ditch. They had to leave the car in the ditch overnight and bring a TRACTOR back in the morning to pull Stevie's poor little car out. 

The damage is enough to put a dampener on the weekend and a dint in the budget. Might need another strat planning meeting?

 Tractor in action!!

R.I.P Suzuki 

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12.08 2011