March 2011

Information Architecture

Mar 09, 2011 | Written by Amy Stephens

Fenton Stephens sent Joey, Steve and Amy to the Nielson Norman Groups Usability Week conference this month.

I attended two days – Information Architecture and Navigation Design.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of Information Design, it really knocks my socks off. However, Information Architecture I find more frustrating. Probably because the task is not about making the presentation of information legible and pretty. It’s more about creating and maintaining a useful and usable body of information, for a set group / groups of people. It can be as ugly as sin, but if it works for your target group, you’re #winning (sorry – I just couldn’t go another post without having some reference to Charlie Sheen’s mad but brilliantly entertaining demise…I digress).

So day 1 – Kathryn Whitenton from the NN/g discussed the strategy behind defining your Information Architecture and more so, about how to get it right.

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09.03 2011