February 2011

Do people do what they say they will do?

Feb 01, 2011 | Written by Joey Dorrington

One of the key gremlins in the marketing process is that consumers might tell you what they would do in response to a hypothetical situation, and then behave differently in real life. 
Such is the bane of consumer research: How to create an environment as close as possible to a real life situation so that consumer behaviour can be observed, and response to the product offering can be anticipated so that positive influence can be put into effect.

Of all the magnificence that the web has brought to the world, one that is so often overlooked is the ability to conduct dynamic research; observing consumer’s behaviour in real time. Not what consumers say they will do, but what they do do.

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01.02 2011

Circus Festival

Feb 26, 2011 | Written by Amy Stephens

Last week Simon, Joey and I (Amy) attended the Circus Festival of Commercial Creativity in Sydney.

To say the quality of speakers was good is a gross understatement. The fact that the Regional Head of Creative Strategy at Weiden+Kennedy, Chairman of BBH Asia, Marketing Director for Google Asia Pacific & Japan and the most awarded creative of all time (not exaggerating - he's won 71 Lions) were all in the same space, as well as others, was simply overwhelming.

Even after a 4:20am wake up call and the early morning flight up to Sydney from Melbourne, my concentration did not fade. I was glued to the stage for each and every one of the 9 speakers. All had different topics, themes and opinions, but all were discussing issues, trends and work which is important and relatable to everything I, and if you're reading this, you, do.

One of the most impressive was Rob Campbell - Head of Strategy at Weiden+Kennedy. For those of you who may know of him, I'm sure that is no surprise. In between slagging off Qantas - "If Qantas is the spirit of Australia, then we're fucked" (true) and the best 10 tips for life and creative success. His insightful presentation is up on his blog - I highly recommend you check it, and quick.

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26.02 2011