December 2010

Throw out the old logo? Norton your life.

Dec 10, 2010 | Written by Alex Fenton

Going back to the heritage of the brand is something we at Fenton Stephens often advocate as a reference point for defining the brand’s voice ‘today’.

This proved to be an invaluable approach for design studio Carter Wong and master typographer Geoff Halpin, in their challenge to evolve the identity for Norton motorcycles.

The designers thought it would simplify the Norton logotype to remove the cross on the lower case ‘t’ and simply use the swoosh running through the ‘t’ to make the letter read. In researching the history of the logo however, they found out that the original logo drawn by Mister Norton’s daughter Ethel in 1915 had already ‘discovered’ this very same typographical shorthand.

The ‘double-crossed ‘t’ did not appear until 1924, and stayed around until Carter Wong’s 2010 re-design. 

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10.12 2010